World Student Scholarship Education Program

The World Student Scholarship Education Program (WSSEP) is a platform for education providers and suppliers to attend one-to-one meetings with heads of scholarship and key decision makers from all over the world. It is an exclusive opportunity to create new business, develop partnerships and discuss future scholarship positions.

The World Student Scholarship Education Program will be hosting 100 heads of scholarship and key decision makers from the public, private and government sectors. For example, this includes Ministries from various countries and departments responsible for sending state-funded students to study abroad. Representatives or agents from the oil and gas industry, airlines and travel companies, banks and financial institutions, hospitals and medical centres.

Delegates can pre-schedule up to 30 one-to-one meetings over the course of two-days, each appointment is approximately 25-minutes. Participants can identify and meet specific heads of scholarship that specialize in their company, organization or institutes subject of interest. Evaluate their current position in the ever-shifting competitive market as well as gain insight directly from those responsible for developing and coordinating scholarship programs.

The WSSEP welcomes educational providers and suppliers, profit or non-profit at all levels. Corporations, professional associations, institutions and government bodies as well as organizations such as study-travel agents and educational tour operators. Service providers including insurance providers and marketing consultancy companies to student accommodation, technology companies, guardianship, travel, and entertainment organizations.