The World Student Scholarship Education Program was inspired by the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) in Saudi Arabia. During the two-day event, 100 heads of scholarships and key decision makers from the public, private and government sectors are invited to engage in one-to-one meetings with educational providers and suppliers, from different organizations, institutions, and companies. It is an exclusive platform for delegates to create valuable contacts, generate new business, develop partnerships and discuss future scholarship positions.

The first WSSEP was organized by Gulf Conferences Ltd and took place on the 16th and 17th of November 2015 in London. It hosted participants from all over the world to discuss the importance of scholarships, particularly in GCC countries. Held in Abu Dhabi, the second event was under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, head of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Social Development. Over 250 delegates from 20 different countries attended almost 2000 pre-scheduled one­-to-­one meetings in two days.

Delegates can request up to 30 one-to-one meetings via a meeting scheduling system. Each appointment lasts approximately 25-minutes. The system enables delegates to review all attendees, request meetings, examine programs offered by heads of scholarship and key decision makers as well as send direct messages to those they wish to meet.

Our scholarship packages add the following value:

  1. Introduce, promote and reinforce the presence of their institution, company or organization
  2. Create valuable and beneficial connections
  3. Generate business and discuss new and future scholarship positions
  4. Keep informed of the rapidly changing policies, procedures, and requirements in the industry
  5. Comprehend and evaluate their position within the ever-shifting competitive market and strengthen their standing
  6.  Meet those responsible for overseeing and developing new partnerships with higher institutions and organizations
  7. Identify and target specific leaders and key decision makers in prominent institutes, companies, and organizations
  8. Gain insight directly from those who are responsible for the creation, development, and coordination of scholarship programs
  9. Discover new scholarship programs and gain a greater understanding of their requirements
  10. Learn the goals and objectives of the heads of scholarship



The World Student Scholarship Education Program is a platform for education providers and suppliers to attend one-to-one meetings with heads of scholarships and key decision makers from the all over the world. It is an exclusive opportunity to create new business, develop partnerships and discuss new and future scholarship positions.

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WSSEP Past Events

The World Student Scholarship Education Program, organized by Gulf Conferences Ltd. is now in its 3rd year.

2nd Annual WSSEP

Abu Dhabi Vocational Education & Training Institue
19th – 20th October 2016
H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Minister of Culture, Youth & Social Development

The purpose of the program is to bring in the key decision makers from around the globe, Ministers of Education and heads of scholarship to have one on one meetings with Universities & Colleges, foundation programs, and Language Institutes. We will be hosting Ministers of Education, Heads of scholarship funds, scholarship organizations companies and much more as well as Heads of Universities, Chancellors, and Deans…

1st Gulf Scholarship Summit

Hilton London Paddington
16th – 17th November 2015
Key Note Speaker
Rt Hon David Willetts
MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science

Under the Gulf Education umbrella, we are launching this event in response to the fast-paced and progressive changes being made by the GCC Ministries and leading employers across the region regarding scholarship and employment policies and opportunities as part of each country’s national workforce development programs. Ensuring that each program delivers the accurate requirement for each geographical area in terms…

Delegates can pre-schedule up to 30 one-to-one meetings over the course of two-days, each appointment is approximately 25-minute long. Creating an opportunity to make valuable connections, generate new business and discuss future scholarship positions. Participants can identify and meet specific individuals that specialize in their company, organization or institutes subject of interest, as well as evaluate their current position in the ever-shifting competitive market.

We welcome the smallest agencies to the largest educational providers and suppliers at all levels. Worldwide organizations such as study-travel agents and educational tour operators as well as corporations, professional associations, institutions and government bodies. Service providers including insurance providers and marketing consultancy companies to student accommodation, technology companies, guardianship, travel, and entertainment organizations.

The World Student Scholarship Education Program will be hosting 100 heads of scholarship and key decision makers from the public, private and government sectors. For example, this includes Ministries from a range of countries and departments responsible for sending state-funded students to study abroad. Representatives or agents from the oil and gas industry, airlines and travel companies, banks and financial institutions, hospitals and medical centers.